Privacy Policy

Hove Park Tennis Leagues (HPTL) is a service operated by Sussex Tennis. We take your privacy very seriously and comply with the latest General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which came in to effect on the 25th May 2018. If, for whatever reason, you would like to express your ‘right to be forgotten’ please contact us and we will permanently delete all data we store for you as part of running the service.

The data we collect

By using the HPTL website you acknowledge and accept that we use cookies. a 'cookie' is a small file that is downloaded and stored on your computer and/or device upon visiting our website. This file allows us to tailor content to you and will help us create a better experience for you whilst you use the site, e.g. remembering passwords or things you place in the 'shopping cart'. We also use cookies to better understand how our visitors engage with our content, e.g. what pages they visit, how long they spend on page, which links they click, the devices they use, how they came to visit the site and more. If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you should cease using the website immediately. To find out more about cookies, check out this article from the BBC here.

Personal Information
When using the HPTL website, specifically when contacting us, submitting match results or registering for leagues we collect information including, but not limited to:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Address

When registering for a league financial information is taken at the time of booking to process payment. This is done securely via our website platform, Squarespace, and fulfilled via our chosen payment gateway provider, Stripe. We do not hold or store any information relating to your payment information. To learn about Squarespace and Stripe, you can read their privacy policies here and here respectively.

How we use it

This information is used to deliver our service. Crucially, when registering for a place in the league, we add your email address and phone number to your profile allowing members to contact you. This information is available to members of the league only and is secured via a password which we change every season.

Contact information will be used, from time to time, to communicate news, announcements, league schedules and offers from both us and carefully selected 3rd parties. However, where 3rd parties are concerned, your data remains strictly and securely in our possession and will never be shared or sold to anyone outside of HPTL. Instead, carefully selected 3rd parties may use HPTL as a means to promote their own relevant messages to you via advertising or content across the HPTL website, social media platforms and/or email.

How we store it

Your data is stored securely on Google Drive. Google Drive uses encrypted servers to keep information safe. Access to this data is restricted to a single member of the HPTL team to prevent internal security breaches. For more information about Google Drive, please go here.

For the purpose of sending email correspondence and promotions, we use MailChimp. This information is also stored securely on MailChimp's servers and is limited to Name, Email Address. For more information about MailChimp, please go here.

We only hold on to data as long as is necessary to deliver our service. Information that is no longer required will be deleted.